Thursday, October 6, 2016

Media Recording Assignment

Canvas built-in media and feedback tools (refer to Leaving Summative Feedback in Speedgrader) facilitate the process of assessing student audio or video recordings that are typically less then two or three minutes in length. Media recordings can be used in a variety of ways including introduction to class, dictation, audio reflection, informal podcasts, and teach a concept.

(For extended recordings that are longer than five minutes or so, please contact to discuss alternative solutions)

When submitting to a Canvas Media Recording assignment students can submit their recordings in three ways:
  • By computer: Record directly into Canvas with Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. A webcam is required. Students can also take advantage of the built-in FaceTime cameras in the Computer Center's Multimedia Resource Lab, located in the Library Building. See the student guide: Submitting a media assignment (computer).
  • With mobile device: Record with the Canvas app on their Android or iOS mobile devices, which have built-in microphones and cameras. See the student guide: Submitting a media assignment (mobile).
  • Not recommended: Students have the option to record with available software on their computer and then upload the audio/video file separately to your assignment. As seen by students the Upload Media tab (see diagram below) is part of the Canvas interface and cannot be disabled.

  • Create a new assignment. For steps on how to create an assignment for my course refer to
  • Enter the assignment title (e.g. audio reflection, media recording). Below are suggested instructions for students.

  • Enter the number of points for the assignment and place it into an assignment group.
  • Choose Submission Type = Online and check the Media Recordings box. Enter other settings as needed such as a due date and click Save and Publish.